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I Am An Ironman!
Support me in 2011!

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Join me in my efforts to support Train 4 Autism!

Mission Accomplished! I AM AN IRONMAN!
Not only did I run the LA Marathon in the pouring ran in 3:53 – I completed the Texas Ironman in 12:10 – That’s twelve hours!
I couldn’t of kept going without all of your support. But I’m not finished – no, not this year! I’ve added a few events to my year and I’m still going to continue raising funds for Autism Speaks via Train 4 Autism. You will find me…
- July 31st – Barb’s Race – Half Iron Distance Triathlon in Sonoma County
- September 11st – Pacific Coast Triathlon – Sprint Distance in Laguna/Newport Beach
- October 9th – Long Beach Marathon with Train 4 Autism
If you haven’t had the opportunity to sponsors me, the “store” is still open all year. Autism is everywhere and I believe that they can find a reason and hopefully more understanding why it is becoming such a regular occurrence. Help. Donate. Sign Up for a race yourself and do it for Train 4 Autism. You can do it!
Read my original story and donate at

~ Original Story ~
This year I'll be running the LA Marathon on March 20th to raise funds and awareness of autism and related social disorders. That’s 26.2 wonderful miles from Dodger’s Stadium to Santa Monica Pier. I invite you to pledge money towards my endeavor! At least $26.20 please!
Then I double dare you go a little bit deeper into your pockets and pledge $140.60. What does that number mean… 140.6? That’s the number of miles combined I will race in my first Ironman triathlon on May 21st in The Woodlands, Tx. It's 2.4 miles of swimming, followed by 112 miles of biking and then another marathon home to the finish line.
Many of you that know me closely are aware that Jake’s birth back in 2001 lead me to the gym. Going from a workaholic to a stay at home mom was not an easy adjustment for me. At first I went to the gym because they let me bring my baby with me and do postnatal classes and then at 4 months I could leave him for an hour or so in the daycare. I became quite the gym rat along with my Mom and sister. By the time I was pregnant with Sara in 2003 I was already teaching group fitness classes with my passion being Spinning.
While on bed rest pregnant with Sara my son Jake was diagnosed with autism. This time in our life was so mixed with emotions it’s hard to even discuss. We were so excited to have a healthy little girl and so very scared a nervous about what we needed to do for Jake. But we didn’t stare at his diagnosis like a deer seeing headlights. We attacked it and since then Jake is the victor overcoming many of the symptoms of his diagnosis.
During the intense few years after Sara’s birth and Jake’s hardcore therapy plan I strayed a bit from my fitness. In 2006 I made my return and signed up for a triathlon. In September 2006 I completed my first sprint triathlon. In 2009 I completed two half Ironman triathlons (70.3 miles) and the Long Beach Marathon.
I’m not sure if fitness was my disease or my cure for the stress autism puts on a family. All I do know is that after five years of training I’m going big and I want every mile I put into training for Ironman Texas to give back to Jake by raising money for Train 4 Autism and it’s supported charities.
I’m asking you to dig into your pockets and put in some cash. If I can fit all this training into my life… well you get the message.
In advance, thank you for your support. To my friends, thank you in advance for putting up with me while I train for this thing. It should be interesting……
Lots of love,

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